Terms and conditions for part time students

By choosing to book any lesson(s) with NESE, I accept and agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

  1. Upon joining the school, the student’s initial payment must be paid, in full, at least 48 hours in advance of the first scheduled lesson.
  2. One to one students must pay for 5 lessons in advance before they start. Every 4 lessons, the student will then have to pay for 5 more lessons. Each lesson is £27.
  3. Students in classes of 2 or 3 people must pay the first instalment £200, the second instalment of £200 and the final instalment of £140. The same applies when there are fewer than 8 students across split classes.
  4. Students in classes of 4 people or more must pay the first instalment of £160, the second instalment of £160 and the final instalment of £100.
  5. Most courses are 30 lessons long (40 lessons for Cambridge exam courses). This is the same for students who study once or twice a week. If students pay in instalments, they will pay the first instalment before the start of the course, the second after 1 month and the final one after 2 months.
  6. Students in exam courses like FCE, CAE have to take the exam booked by NESE within 03 months after they complete the course. If not, NESE will not help book the exam and the exam fee will not be refunded, unless there is good reason which must be agreed with the school's Director.
  7. Students who are absent for legitimate reasons and for long periods, have the option of taking one to one classes to catch up with any work missed subject to teacher availability. This would incur a cost of £27 per lesson.  Students in classes taking holidays will be emailed details of everything covered in class. They will not be refunded their payment(s).
  8. If a student does not inform of us of a single or long period of absence, then they will have to have at least one catch up lesson so they can fit back into the class. They would have to pay £27 per lesson in this instance.
  9. NESE reserves the right to extend any course depending on the progress of the students. Students will have to pay for any additional lessons in such circumstances. If students are unable to pay for these lessons, they will still have to sit their final test.
  10. Students are asked to ensure all notifications of absence are provided to NESE by telephone or text message to David (Mobile number: 07760722339) and not via e-mail or facebook message.
  11. Students agree that by joining a course, they will finish it. Once students have started, if they don't continue, they still have to pay for the remaining fee until the end of the course.
  12. No refund will be considered for any scheduled lesson that the student has paid for regardless of the reason unless it is within 10 working days before the start of a course.
  13. One to one and two to one students agree to have an average of at least one lesson a week and that when the student(s) has agreed and been informed of a regular weekly lesson time, NESE reserves the right to charge for those lessons regardless of whether the student later realises they are unable to attend. In cases where student(s) continue to be absent frequently, NESE reserves the right to offer that time slot available for use by other students / classes.
  14. The school reserves the right to change teachers at any time during the course.
  15. If the student is in a larger class, frequent absence / lateness may result in the student receiving a warning and losing their place on the course without any refund being payable.
  16. Students are expected to be considerate and respectful to other students and NESE staff at all times. Foul or racist language or behaviour that is disruptive or aggressive will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour may result in the student being asked to leave a class without any refund being payable.
  17. I confirm that I have read, understood and agree with the school policies outlined on the website.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you accept our Policies.

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