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David Williams

David Williams

My name is David Williams. I have been an English teacher for over 10 years.

Less than two years after graduating as a fully qualified teacher, I was appointed as the Academic Coordinator of one of Vietnam’s most well-known private language schools, supporting and helping to manage more than 20 teachers from all over the world.

One year later, I became the Director of Studies of the newest language school in the same company, being responsible for another 20 teachers and over 1000 students.

I also taught at the British Council before moving back to England. I taught for one year in Leeds before finally having the confidence to open the North of England School of English (NESE).

Three years later, I am still here, doing what I love, with other great teachers and a wonderful receptionist helping to serve and support over 100 students so they can have a better life and better future.

Life began with 1 student in 1 small classroom and we have since grown to 110 students studying on a weekly basis, with 7 modern classrooms.

At NESE, you will practise communicating in English in a fun and interactive way. Every lesson will be different and you will leave each class feeling a little more confident about your future.

Providing English courses of the highest quality to international students since 2014.

The success of this school has come from the success of the students.

At this school, our teachers live to teach and do not teach to live.

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