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Daniel Pugsley

Daniel Pugsley

My name is Danny. I am from Barnsley. I have been a teacher since 2008. I started out in south Italy, and then did 18 months in Japan before returning to Italy in January 2011 for a second spell.

I met my wife there; she is from Poland. We moved to Krakow in late 2011 before spending a year in Leeds. In 2013 we moved to the UAE, where we stayed for 5 years. We came back to England in summer 2018 and I have been working at NESE ever since.

I got into teaching straight after university. I was a Law student at Sheffield Hallam University but I didn’t enjoy it very much, so I changed careers and haven’t looked back. Initially it was a way of paying for travel, but I quickly realised I love teaching. I now have an MA in Education, an L5DET (like a PGCE for teaching adults) and several other qualifications such as the British Council SEN Certificate. I hope to start my PhD in 2020.  

Away from teaching, my wife and I have 3 young children. When I do have free time I am a rugby fanatic, having played since the age of 6. I write for a rugby website, go to the gym and read all kinds of books.

Life began with 1 student in 1 small classroom and we have since grown to 110 students studying on a weekly basis, with 7 modern classrooms.

At NESE, you will practise communicating in English in a fun and interactive way. Every lesson will be different and you will leave each class feeling a little more confident about your future.

Providing English courses of the highest quality to international students since 2014.

The success of this school has come from the success of the students.

At this school, our teachers live to teach and do not teach to live.

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