Anna Krzan

My name is Anna Krzan. I have been working at NESE since January 2015 as a Receptionist. I began working here when there were just a few students and I have helped the school to grow to where it is today. As it has expanded, so too have my responsibilities and I basically provide support with all aspects of the operation of the school.

I am also a student at this school. I started at Pre Intermediate (CEFR B1), have passed my FCE Cambridge qualification (CEFR B2) and I am currently studying for my CAE Cambridge qualification (CEFR C1). I could only have achieved this with the amazing guidance of the teachers here.

I really enjoy meeting new people and providing student support. This job gives me the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I am proud to be part of this incredible team as each day, I get to see how much the teachers care about the students and how much the students appreciate them. Everyone makes a meaningful contribution at this school and all students progress as a result.

Life began with 1 student in 1 small classroom and we have since grown to 110 students studying on a weekly basis, with 7 modern classrooms.

At NESE, you will practise communicating in English in a fun and interactive way. Every lesson will be different and you will leave each class feeling a little more confident about your future.

Providing English courses of the highest quality to international students since 2014.

The success of this school has come from the success of the students.

At this school, our teachers live to teach and do not teach to live.

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Courses are provided for part-time students, who are already living and working in the UK.

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Courses are provided for both full-time students who live overseas, and who are already living and working in the UK

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